Friday, 31 May 2013

Photo relation - Donabate

That was very busy day yesterday...I went with Janek to the Hospital Eye Clinic (good news by the way - we're adviced to stop to put the patch, eyes are looking equal now). Mr Daddy had to go with Franek for the big official school opening ceremony. Only one parent could go, because of limited places, but I had an appointment earlier done, so I wouldn't go any way.
But Franek has got sick! yes...not cold or some of those - he was vomiting and had diarrhea...He couldn't go to school on Tuesday, was sleeping all day, but yesterday morning he looked ok, so I thought he would go...but he started to be weak couldn't go...We regret so much, it was big show and heard that it was great event..
Franek is not missing school at all and he had to be sick  on that Big day!!!
I was angry, to be honest, but that's not his fault...
He looked that feeling a little bit better we went to Donabate park, to use such fantastic weather and let him get breath after two days at home..but was hard...thankfully  they had toilets there...
Franek was traying to play, but I colud see that this is not him yet...
Hope it will go off from today!

Hat, t-shirt, shorts, trainers - all H&M

Hat, polo shirt - H&M
Trousers - Polarn O.Pyret
Sandals - Clarks

Monday, 27 May 2013

Children's diseases - overprotective or ignoring?

The weather is ignoring us a little bit.. as it is in Ireland, changes minimum 3 times a day...
Some children are less able to cope with those changes. Specially when sitting too much at home or wearing to warm. But I say honestly, I don't know what is a good choice. Would be easy to say - wear as an onion- layers...but we not always doing it...specially when have to manage going out and about with more than one kid...The days when the situation is not established we are more able to be gifted with some runny nose or cough, in a serious cases - ear or chest infection. 
We may tray to avoid it some way, but we can't avoid such diseases as chicken pox...
I am a mama that is little bit ignoring some symptoms of a cold - I am not going to keep my kids at home when they're getting runny nose, because I think they will have a better breath outside..
I am not in panic when they'll get cough..just make some onion syrup.
For fever - paracetamol straight away and cold compress or cool bath.
The doctor and their antibiotics is the last point I am looking for.
I know. I shouldn't generalize.. But I just say what I would do.
But if we are talking about contagious disease such as chicken pox - I would be more careful myself.
In that case the condition of our child maybe worse than we think, a child is weak and needs a rest and we shouldn't share responsible, please! Not too quick going outside.
When a child just came thru such a disease, I wouldn't keep him at home for another additional 2 weeks than needed, but I would introduce him back to the normal life in a little steps...
This is my way of dealing with the children's diseases. I wonder what would you do?

By the way, I couldn't wait and went for some shopping last weekend and may introduce you to the new H&M summer collection:-) Boys mainly wearing that stuff on the pics above! Honestly may recommend it - funny, colourful and not overpriced clothes :-) They have wide range to choose from..

Hat, T-shirt, trousers and trainers - all H&M

 Trousers - H&M
Polo T-shirt - Next
Trainers - Dunnes
Double sided hat - DPaM

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Saying I do...

I had an intention to say something about usual children's health issues... friend came in and we had a chat about meaning of the marriage!
Started to watch old pics and remind our weddings and how happy and pretty day it was...
How young we've been and what we were thinking saying YES :-)
We didn't think that anything may go different way we wish...
We didn't realise how different are the normal days are...
We've been the most happy people of the world..
Did we understand the marriage vow?
We think, that NOT AT ALL!
Even sharing a flat before we've got married, we really don't know how its gonna be when prose of the life come in to our marriage.
And now, after 7-8 years since that pretty day, we listen to the marriage vow again, and just say - we recited the empty words...
We didn't know their meaning. Kids, sickness, financial difficulties, different life ideas, different family education and just tiredness of each other...if we can go thru all of this together...we may fulfill and learn the meaning of the marriage.
And hopefully we still want to go together thru the life.
If I know that before, would I say I DO to him?
I thankfully still think I would:-)
I just wonder If the meaning will be similar for another 10, 20, 30 years...
I am even starting to think about a wife's of my son's :-)
I should stop talking brings the answer.
So I'm gonna to enjoy every single day together and taste the life.
That's it!

Top - Kasabian for Next
Jeans - Next
Shoes - Camper Shoes

Hat - DPaM
Top - H&M
Jeans - Zara
Trainers - Dunnes

Friday, 17 May 2013

Looking for a Summer in...a wardrobe..

Thank you to anyone, who took part in our little competition. The winners names are on our Fb fanpage. Another, easier incentive on the way...:-)

By the way - what is today? Today is Friday, 17th of May. MAY !
Suppose to be summer here...
Meanwhile, it is just sunny (sometimes), but so cold, that I could wear my jacket in the house!
Trying to forget about that disappointing weather, I started wardrobes cleaning and refreshing.
At first I'm gonna to check what is still wearable:-)

Because Franek is at school, I started from Janek. Because he was just 9 months old year ago, obviously his shelfs are quite empty now...but I found a few things that you never don't know what the size is and some of them kids can wear over 3 years! 
Its much easier to wear your child in the summer. You may need more basic t-shirts and short trousers (they're getting dirty 3-5 times a day). But It doesn't mean it has to be boring.
Summer gives you a chance to wear a clothes in some crazy colours, that you never put on different time...And you can mix and match things that you never put togheter. Summer gives a FREEDOM. 
In our wardrobes too.
But the things that will stay with us for a while are usually quite classic - such those on the Janek's pictures. Basic top with not aggressive motive looks good with similar composition of colours 1/3 trousers...Hat gives a style any time. 
Me and Franek love hats...
I am going to organise a special trip searching for  great boys (and girls too) accessorise that makes such a difference to any basic outfit.
I will be browsing now, but big SALE time is on June:-) Let's check what we need and start saving!


Top - Piccolo Tesoro
Bottoms - Reserved Kids
Hat - HandM

Rocking Cow - Mamas and Papas
Children's Camera with games - Imaginarium